What we are trying to achieve?

We want all our students to see maths as something they can learn and something that is relevant to their lives after school. All students need to develop confident numeracy skills that will serve them well throughout life.

To help our students develop their numeracy skills, we have been running a numeracy skills sessions designed to fill the gaps in students’ basic mental calculation. With growth mind set and regular practice, these sessions will empower them to be fluent in their numeracy skills and allow them to access GCSE Maths concepts when they move to KS4. 

In maths lessons and at numeracy tutor times students complete a 5 minute skills test which includes: 10 questions on mental numeracy calculation strategies, 10 times tables questions and 10 questions on key topics that must be mastered before studying GCSE maths.

Students are encouraged to work on their areas of improvement at school as well as at home.

Individual skills worksheets will also be made available for pupils to take home with them to promote regular practice, however these take home worksheets are not compulsory but encouraged.

Parents and carers can support their child/ children at home by using the links below. If you have any questions, please contact

Mrs K Alemu. 

Khan Academy

Maths Watch