We are embarking on the first year of our exciting new journey together. Everything is in place and moving in the right direction for this to be a fantastic first year full of learning, excitement and adventure for our new students.

The funding that will support us is all in place however, you will likely have heard press reports of school funding reductions in recent months and years. This is reality not myth and rest assured it is one that we have factored in to our financial planning. Our students will not be restricted in their experiences by lack of finances.

There are though, times throughout the school year when every school sees opportunities to be able to do more to help their students. This inevitably will involve input of time from staff but likely also involve some level of financial input too. These opportunities could be for individual students, groups of students or the year group as a whole.

As an example, these are some of the things Voluntary Parental Contributions have been used for in the past –

Outdoor learning experiences, rewards, academic interventions, team sports kits, venue hire for sporting events, counselling, professional memory training for academic examination periods and allowing students to access performances of live drama and theatre.

It is hard to predict what we will require the funding for at Coombe Wood School but we know we will need it!

Parental Voluntary Contributions offer a financial lifeline for funding extra enrichment opportunities for our students and we would be very grateful indeed if you would consider contributing £10 - £20 on a monthly basis.

If you are able to contribute, please complete the forms below, and if you are a UK tax payer, please also complete the gift aid form as this will allow us to increase your contribution by 25% at no additional cost to you at all.

We will keep you updated at regular intervals to inform you of how your generous Parental Voluntary Contributions have been used.

Parental Voluntary Contribution Form